Walk With Me

It is falling, and we have no coat.
We are stranded throughout life, like an island with no boat.
Might as well make the best of it, shouldn't we?
Will you be the one, to walk with me?
It is cold, i can see your breath.
You are shaking, are you afraid of death?
Because it is in the air, but please walk with me in the snow.
If you walk with me, I'll treat you with an everlasting glow.
Don't complain, give me your hand.
Soon, we will get to the promised land.
As hard as this may be,
Just know I am glad you walked with me.
You are blue; are you upset?
Please don't pay the grim reaper your debt.
If you die here ... I'll be happy..
For you ... you walked with me.
I'll carry you to warmth, to heat.
Just so death won't be the victor and us be defeat.
There is a blizzard now, I can not see.
And you are not able to walk, obviously.
I fall, like a corpse lost of its coffin.
And I hear death laughing and the storm will not soften.
I woke up .. warm ... with you, us feeling free.
I smile ... you smile ... you walked with me.

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