Walking Against the Wind

We're gonna be ok, at least that's what they tell us
In that greyhound stations headed west.
California new beginnings, new challenges, and new people.
Four of us on a four day trip from Florida.
It was a time when it was good to be young and naïve.
Not knowing the stress we should've felt
As luggage on a one way trip in someone else's life.
Our history being formed on the dreams of a single mother of three.
Life's funny that way.
Entire generations are shaped and built
All because of the flap of a butterfly's wings.
Emotions that would never have been felt,
Tantrums that would never have been thrown,
And love that would never have been sparked,
If not for the dreams of that single mother.
When some dreams become reality it can become a nightmare.
Where love sparks there's an inferno of pain that follows.
Just like ancient architecture,
Standing seemingly strong,
Withstanding the forces of nature and entropy,
All the while slowly crumbling under the weight of its own bricks.
Those three children now adults living separate lives,
Living in separate homes,
With separate destinies came from a disaster naturally reoccurring,
To an understanding that life is full of typhoons and twisters,
That could knock you off course with a single spin.
We are three veterans of a war of walking against the wind.

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