Walking Contradiction

I never understood your need for destruction
Or the sabotage that you put yourself through
Yet you pray every night, that you’ll find salvation
The realization of all your dreams to come true
You are a walking contradiction
Confident and never apathetic or aloof
But for all the doubts that surround you
Only then you have never told the truth
You discovered regret, grown accustomed to anger
And things of forgiveness are all quite new
Maturity brings envy, but all that you got faster
And always thought different, than most others do
You are a walking contradiction
Calling upon others and then pushing them away
You have no room at this stage for compromising
Yet adaptation is what makes us all stay
I hope that you get all the things that you wanted
The miracle that you needed to come shining through
And maybe one day you will no longer be haunted
But I know that I will be by you
I am a walking contradiction
Happy about the one thing that makes me so blue
Every time that we are in communication
I wish that I had never met you
But I look forward to the next time that we do

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