Walking In The Reverend’s Shoes

So you sit there and you say oh how bad you're world is
And how you just can't take it
Oh these low down blues are getting to you
Well bring you're self on over and try to kick back
Therese someone I want you to meet
You think you're walking such a hard beaten path
Just stop and take a seat for a minute
You're preaching to the courier about their own world
And you haven't even met The Reverend Of The Blues yet
Now this cat here can tell you some tail's about living down and out
He's earned his title time and time again
He's done paid his dues
So close you're eyes and open you're mind Just listen
The way he plays those notes
The man can play some mean a**s blues
So before you try and say just how down and out you've been
Try walking in the Reverend's shoes
He caries the weight of all who need his help
Never asking for any payment
Yes reach out for the Reverend and rest you're troubled mind
Their ain't no one who can put you're mind at ease like him
The Reverend always seems to know
how to calm a restless spirit
Rick Rhythm Williams
4/29/2004 (c) P.H.P

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