Walking with Time

I am not ready to look upon times mirror and see the ancient image
Which mocks the youth and beauty which was there before.
I am not ready to walk the final miles of this journey
My legs grow heavy at the thought.
I stop on the road and look at the beautiful sunlit paths behind.
Did I enjoy the view with as much appreciation as I should have?
I have arrived here far quicker I anticipated. It's too soon!
Years took only seconds to pass.
I feel an urgency and desperation clawing from the deepest part of me
Where did my days all go?
Just memories on film gathered together in boxes and albums.
Fading and collecting dust.
Stories of my life 100 years from now will be remembered by none.
All the joys, pain, and heartache will be swept away by time.
Will the only proof of my lifetime be a grey stone bearing my name.
In a garden of those forgotten and those briefly to be remembered?
Upon the road I raise my fist and curse times all too swift movement.
I fear the road will end sooner than I wish it to.
But time pulls me forward, I have no choice but to move.
Time has no time for me, he has a busy schedule to keep.

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