Hiding behind these dark walls
hoping no one can see the real pain
Peak around the corner and see if there is a chance to heal,
nothing but a stabbing pain in the chest feeling
as if the walls are caving in
There is a glimse of light far in the distance and I reach for it,
a little each day, but it never gets closer
One day though it happens
The light touches my face,
don't know how or why but it does
I see these dark walls breaking down one by one,
the light shines so bright
and my heart tingles as if life is coming back
I ask, what did I do for this to happen?
For the light to shine again when I thought it was gone
Then I heard it,"Its because you never gave up,
you kept a glimmer of hope,
and that hope pushed until the walls went away
and a new life began."

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