Every which direction I look is an obstruction
Odd structures stand by and I cannot function
Land mines and bombs rupture with every movement I make
Apprehensive tension and every moves a mistake
Never loosing the weight that is violent when it compiles
Try to resist the vile that lies in the distant miles
Crys and twisted smiles conflicted with mixed feelings
Trying to tunnel quick through a brick In a thick ceiling
I'm sick of my wits pealing and falling straight to the floor
Pleasant visions thinning and getting ate with a fork
It's been taking it's course and generating some force
The walls are closing in and they're penetrating my pours
Hyperventilating of course and sweat is starting to beed
The pressure grows larger, it's getting harder to breath
I think I should let go, I'm tired of the constant fight
Acceptance is the key , resistance just locked it tight
I'm starting to see light, the walls are disappearing
I just let go of the the thought of it,now all of it is clearing
It's quiete simple really, no reason and no rhyme
The only wall that stood between me and light was my Own mind...

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