If my walls could talk.. Just have a face
They would tell you stories .. You couldn't erase
So let's make believe .. Let them be heard
Listen to them.. Hang on every word
Her endless days of hopelessly crying.
The 7 times she was robbed. No I'm not lying.
The beatings she took.. The seizures she had.
The years she lived here were mostly sad..
This poor girl walked thru fire.
I wanted to split. When she wanted to get higher.
She does all these drugs to hush her mind.
Camouflage her memories her brain can't find.
She has been lied to behind her back.
Some have knocked her out with just one smack.
She clawed my wall. Deafening my pine.
Begging him to stop.. He didn't hear her whine.
She intentionally forgets her childhood years.
What she does remember would make you tear..
I can't comprehend why god made her walk this path
To endure so much pain of satins wrath.
Her life has made her independent and tough.
From her path that has been real rough..

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