Walls and Floors

I walk seeing white walls, green floors
Flickering lights and locked, barred doors
Small windows revealing naked rooms
And the unfortunate few they entomb
Some call the inhabitants loopy or insane
However, we all go a little crazy in the brain
It may be from stress, exhaustion, or pain
But to put it simply, we all have a wicked bane
This constant tormentor, bully, or heckler
That can mentally destroy you like a killer
What to do when met with such opposition
Rally or regroup to establish a stronger position
Shut up those voices because you’re too strong
Cast out those visions because they don’t belong
If you’re looking down then smile and look up
You can feel it’s more than half full in your cup
Finding yourself in a dark and gloomy room
Open the window smelling the flowers in bloom
Look at the sun in the day or the stars at night
Whichever time it is you still have a guiding light
I know it’s hard to push past the illness inside
Especially when you always lay down and hide
I’ve felt the sadness and the pain that doesn’t go
It feels like there is nothing in this world but this low
I beg of you please to look past this dismal dark
Go smile, hug a loved one; this old way is a farce
Yes it may seem secure, but remember the tears
All of the hiding, screaming, trembling, and fears
You need to remember you are not the illness
You are an individual who definitely means business
Aren’t you sick of the stigma and label put on you
Just shout out to the ignorant many with the proud few
We may have an illness, been hospitalized, or incarcerated
But you should be sick and tired of being separated
You are you, a wonderful, amazing, important person
That the majority needs to recognize as a better version
Than what their ignorance had brought them to believe
Now we should keep this open dialogue on our sleeve
It needs to be said as well as it also needs to be heard
Maybe with this voice we can accomplish something good
So stand tall, holding each other firmly hand in hand
As this is the vital moment in which we make a stand
We won’t be silenced; we won’t be cast aside to ignore
We shall reveal to the world what we have at the core
Strength, love, compassion, and a need to care for others
So shout out loud and embrace your sisters and brothers
Letting the world know we aren’t all monsters in the news
We love you all too much and just want you to include
Us as worthwhile and decent people who you love in return
It is this most of all that is in our hearts for which we yearn
Now when you look upon us don’t see someone mentally ill
Gaze upon a strong individual who repeatedly struggled until
They found their voice; their confidence; their own identity
Finally unleashing their potential and setting them free

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