Walmart, oh Walmart!

Walmart, oh Walmart, you’re so wonderfully great
You’re always there to help when I’m running utterly late!
Walmart, oh Walmart, you know you're the best
You’re downright totally better than all the rest!
Walmart, oh Walmart, how I love you so
I thank you deeply for not being long lined and slow!
Walmart, oh Walmart, you’re a dream come true,
Glory, hallelujah, and amen, to the creator of you!
Walmart, oh Walmart, you’re isles are quite appealing,
Once your inside you can’t even fathom leaving!
Walmart, oh Walmart, you’ve saved me from last minute disasters,
Before a dance, you've given me fake nails when my real ones were shattered!
Walmart, oh Walmart, believe it or not, you’ve saved my father,
One night he was snoring loudly, then with 'Breathe Right’ snoring meds you fixed that bother!
Walmart, oh Walmart, you just can’t and won’t be beat
Kroger, Walgreens... they’re squashed beneath your mighty feet!
Walmart, oh Walmart, everyone knows you’re the truest priced store of them all,
To all the haters who shop at expensive places, well...they’re bank accounts plummet and fall!
Walmart, oh my dear sweet Walmart, you’re so much better than the rest,
All those other stores try to be you because they know you’re the best!!

-A poem by a true lover of Walmart :)

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This poem is about a true love of Walmart...