Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

Here in the midst of a sweeping sky I stood
Atop a lost precipice of uncertainty
The boundless world was beckoning a turn
And vain ambitions hence grew idle and daft
Until they all dissipated into the wind
All that remained was incertitude and a childlike wonder
Mystified by a call to reach into my very existence
And uncover the true nature of my desires
For the time to live was drawing nigh
And there upon the lofty rocks
Towering above the rest of the world I felt a sense
To seize at once a dominion so great
Even the gods would raise their defense
No matter the cost I would never abate
Yet there I stood amidst a cast iron world
Breathing in the cool and untainted mist
And I began to feel an air of heavenly power
One that not I nor any man could ever describe
God himself may have spoken in that moment
And there I accepted something of the marvelous
A mystery that permeates the firmament of space
The splendor and authority of nature
That upholds the lives of men in its nurturing hands
There I was lost and now I lose myself once more
In the deep and profound perplexities of life
A wanderer above the sea of fog.

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