Wandering Man

Sometimes I have bad days,
So I drive around and start to pray.
I'll park in a field under the stars
And start to wonder how you are.
I look up in the sky and think of you,
Because wherever you are, I know you're looking too.
An old song comes on that you always sang,
And then I feel the sting of the pain.
I keep holding on to what we had,
But the years go by and it's not coming back.
Patience has never been easy for me,
And one day I hope you'll see.
I have been waiting on you since the day you left,
Waiting for you to love me instead.
I've been your friend and your shoulder,
For you I would carry all of your boulders.
When you need someone I'm always there,
Whatever time it is, I don't care.
I'll sit next to you under the stars,
All night long, I'll go where you are.
I might not be what your heart needs,
But where you find love, you'll find me.
I'll wait for you till a million suns rise,
I'll always be there like the stars in the sky.
But you're just a wandering man,
Searching your life away.
And one day I hope you find
True love and a reason to stay.

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