Want A Drink?

Drinks on offer?, I'd like some please,
give me the glass...come on. Don't tease.
I'm dying for a drink and a little fun,
I'll have the Vodka, not the Gin, not the Rum.

Down I swallow and then some more,
rushing a feeling of drunkeness, that's for sure,
there's no stopping me now, I'm all asway.
Don't throw up! I silently pray.

Dancing around then falling flat on my face,
what a state to be in, well...it's a disgrace.
Having gulped down the last drink of the night,
stumbling home, I'm a terrible sight!.

My hairs a mess and I've only one shoe,
I've misplaced my keys, "What's a girl to do?!.
Finally my keys turn up and I open the door,
then collapse in a heap and fall asleep on the floor.

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