Want, Not Need

I don't need you. I want you.
That means so much more.
It means I'm fine by myself and
I don't need someone else to determine my happiness.
I determine that. I say how I'm feeling at any moment
and I make my own rules. My whispers are my own and
my teardrops splash my broken heart back into beating.
I don't owe another life anything and my drunken body pays the price.
I hold hands with disappointment, and I'm the one who refuses to let go.
I should say you've lost your chance, I should be the one staying at a distance.
But each breath draws me closer, each stare freezes every bone within me.
I'm not here to bring life to new words; I can hardly keep old ones abreast.
But what I can do, if given the opportunity,
is project all my emotion onto your chest see which ones you handle best.

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