In the beginning loneliness consumes.
However, to the lonely, hope no matter how small, just is.
The lack of equal measure becomes an accepted emotion.
The fault of others is not the issue it is self-inadequacy.
Likings of, I'm just as they say consuming.

The time passes and a narcissistic view protects.
Pain delivered from those who know no boundaries remain.
Don't feel, don't fight, just accept it as truth of what not to feel.

In the birth, you hope, and you pray for health.
He gives what He Gives.
Right or wrong, he gives, and you accept.
Don't look back to those who have.
Don't want what others discard as unimportant.
Don't want what others see as insignificant.
Wrongfully measured becomes envy and underserving.

So, never look back.
Never accept what beneath is calling less than, yours.
Never assume the higher the gift the less equal measure.
Those wanting, beautify the unequal measure.
See beyond the skew.

In the end, it becomes just that.

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