Wants To Float

Here it's even:
The cloud called at me,
Even he spoke to me:
He said 'Joshua,why're you worried'.
I was reluctant letting the
Cat out of the bag.
Then,he weighing my doubt
spelt by my betraying eyeballs
admonished me and bade me
to elate my glottis and seduce
his ear of the matter eating me up.

Then i lent him the truth,
With the intention that he'll give me fruit:
'I gat to leave my country,
Before the death of this month'. Said I.

He chuckled and whipped the dripping
water from his face.
I, drowned by the wits of
his uncalled actions forced
my gaze towards him straining
my ears to perceive his words.

'I'll be of help to you,
Only if you float in me',he continued.

Elated was i after those words:
That even he is willing to help.

But i've been jumping for hours
If i can only touch him.
Yet,the jealous earth wouldn't me.

Even yet,i'm still jumping:
Maybe i need a ladder:
Even a humanic ladder.

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This Poems Story

Desparately want to leave my country but needs help.