Black smoke rising to the sky
Buildings crumble to the ground
Heavy rain falls from the blackened sky
Rain water washes the blood away
The blood carries the sins to hell

The hottest flame feels cold to those who fought
The cold seeps into the heart
The body follows the heart
Those who fought cannot un-live what they have lived
They cannot un-see what they have seen
They cannot undo what has been done to them

The reaper walks along the battle grounds
Claiming those whose fight is over
Steel weapons of war grow cold
The dogs of war no longer cry
The price of war is far greater than they thought

The reaper never leaves
Tormenting those who fought
Whispers to join him
Whispers that remind them of what happened
Slowly the reaper extends his warm hands
Temptation overwhelms the cold hearts of man
So reaper claims his fighters one by one
Twenty two a day until none remain

The dogs of war whine for their warriors
The high society they fought for ignores them
Left unchallenged the reapers laughs
The high society ignores him too
Until the dogs of war are needed
They lie forgotten and hated
Only until it’s too late
For it is already too late

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