The blood red ink of the poets pen,
The thundering bombardment that will never end.
The rumbling battlefield drenched with blood,
Watch our boys turned to mud.
Men of valor, men so tough,
Shall the war machine never have enough?
Words around me of despairs.
Yet who in the world could lend a care?
So many souls washed away with the rain,
So many things lost in their lifeless brains.
We came so confident in ambitious youth,
Uncle Sam gave only a half truth.
Politician's careless threats and aggressive amenth,
Oh how they caused such a hopeless end.
We are those who fought their war,
It must be easy to talk tough behind office doors.
As fellow men look into each other's frightful eyes,
Illuminated by violently flashing skies.
Oh how I just wanted to say,
Oh God, why did it have to be this way.
Its as a nightmare before my eyes.
I cover my ears and whisper 'its all a lie'
I try to wake up, I try to scream.
I'm stuck in this hopeless and endless dream.
A flash right before my eyes,
steals away a close friend of mine.
Oh God, oh mighty LORD,
We dash each other apart with the sword.
Fellow men who could've been laughing and singing,
Now our ears are filled with ringing,
We could have served for common man,
Now we rend each other with the palm of our hands.
Dirt can not bury our vivid memories.
The past can't be covered by the seas.
We were there, we remember,
The bloody month of November.

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