You know with this aggressive war
We are like we were before
Staggering around with clubs in our hands
Picking a fight with any man
The policies are supposed to help stop
The troubles that keep getting piled on top
You're trying to change everyone else
Why don't you just start with yourself
You can change the way you look at the world
Change to diamonds from pearls
We think everyone needs to change
Even though our faults still remain
If you try there is no limit to what you will gain
So what you must do is let go of the pain
Start over anew and relinquish your shame
Become something of worth
Give the world a new allegiance at birth
You have to go fight for it
Many people have tried and got hit
They lost their families and friends
For your blessed peace with reprimands
They go out. gun in hand
Trying to kill every man

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