War is a inevitable obstacle.One that will live in humanity forever.War will never stop and if it stops we're dead.And though we hope it will stop...It wont for the main reason relates to how we think actually it is because we think.And the human nature leads us to always aspire to flourish and to always want something we don't have.And you say you don't want war.War is humanity itself.War will never stop but it will always start with a ultimatum,whether it be freedom, revenge or anything in which somebody would want and once it all ends once that every thing everywhere not just in the world but everywhere it will all end.But though this will end.A new problem has dawned loneliness emptiness and quiet.A soft quaint feeling in which you will grow accustomed to and though it is sad it will all end with a new beginning.A new beginning that will bring us to a new pure world that will slowly fade away slowly grow closer to moral corruption and that bring to the end in which was caused by...

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