I heard the mummers of souls from times unknown.
Soft, yet powerful enough to shake the ground beneath my feet.
The muddled murmurs were an irritating noise to my ears.
Wave after wave of mind numbing noise,
that became stronger and stronger like that of a tidal wave of
masses shouting at me.
Quiet!; I screamed, then Dead silence.
I looked out over the myriads of people standing silent.
For as far as the eye can see,
like that of a great ocean of faces,
my brain could hardly comprehend the staggering site before me.
Why are you here; I asked?
Then the deafening sound returned to the point it hurt.
I cupped my hands over my ears to soften the discomfort.
However it just kept getting louder and louder,
like the thunderous sounds of cannons coming closer and closer.
war, War, WAR!
Please I shouted, no more!
Then a softness in the tone came from the crowds.
I un-cupped my ears to hear
the murmuring this time was understandable
I could hear repeatedly, running through the crowds
like that of gossip gone wild
He gets it.
He gets it.

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