The world is in mourning
I see their eyes cry
As our children are learning
How some people die
A sadness washes over
So many wondering faces
As life ceases to recover
The lives of whom he erases
War is a disease
A plague of unneeded death
And tears that never cease
For those who are laid to rest
For now, our hearts are open
To those who need our help
And we can all begin coping
With the tragedy
The world has felt
We stand together united
Filled with love, pain, and pride
And the flame that's been ignited
Will burn as enemies collide

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This Poems Story

I wrote "War" two days after the 9/11 attacks. I hadn't looked at my writing in quite a while and when I read my poem, it took me back to that awful day. I remembered exactly how I felt, where I was at the time, and the extreme horror the world was feeling. Writing helped me through that difficult time in our history. I hope it resonates with others as well.