War: A Threat to Humanity

There was a kind man,
Soft and noble his soul was!
Before his eyes was a clear goal,
To recruit in army for a particular cause.

He wished to experience the scene,
The scene of the massive war!
So excited he was from the first day,
As the bitter reality was too far.

The day arrived with a bright sky,
Brighter was the man's curiosity.
He got ready with full of zeal,
Unaware of the war's brutality.

Standing steady at the frontier,
Holding his sword like a thunder bolt!
Both armies broke down at once
And suddenly the man came to a halt.

The bright sky puffed into cloud,
A cloud full of groaning dust.
Recklessly the bodies were falling down
And the war tragedy was at must.

Bloody, bloody the battlefield was,
Filled with innumerable heads.
Screams and shrieks were just common
But there were none from death beds.

On a courageous path, the soldiers followed,
Each carrying a brave brave heart.
But on looking at the massacre scene,
The kind man astonished on his part.

Slowly, slowly the man comprehend
The cruelty of the massive war.
He bent on his knees at the once
And threw his sword very far.

He raised his eyes to heaven,
And cried in a very loud voice;
"Is this the humanity, my Lord?"
A sudden silence spread over noise.

At horizon a beautiful bird crossed,
The beautiful bird came out as a Dove.
Carrying the serenity over her wings,
Along with the message of peace and love.

The bloody sky lost down its lust
And a whiteness smeared all around.
The Dove seems like a messenger of God;
Sent down when he heard the cry and sound.

With her long and charming wings,
She covered the entire field.
The kind man was fully surprised
As a soldier gets his protective shield.

In a moment of vision, the field vanished,
A Dreamworld took its place.
The Dove took the kind man there
And there was a comfort on his face.

The Dove quoth to the man,
"Be kind, be peaceful or unless you will fall,
For God has made you people
To praise him and love all."

The kind man understood the very message,
He swore to practice peace and harmony.
To walk long and preach all these,
Became his life-long ceremony.

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This poems narrates a story and conveys a message to the people against war.