War against covid-19

In 2019, We’re all busy in our monotonous work,
Everyone in rat race for a perk.

No time for ourself,relative and family ,
Less thinking about morality and nationality .

But then came commemorated 2020 ,
Bringing us the covid-19.

Humans were locked within their abode,
Thinking ,whether they will survive or erode.

No cheer, no glow,
World flowed with the pandemic flow.

Unprecedented action is required to curb diminutive virus’ rise,
If not taken seriously, mankind will disburse a heavy price.

Time to leave incessant greed for material trifle,
And realize, how precious is the life of every individual.

Luminaries must come forward to render their service to society,
And citizens must stick to their ubiety.

Sensitize the people with proper information,
If you want to halt this conflagration.

Recognize the futility of material possession
As it’s time for self introspection.

Instead of inane visits to market and mall,
Give online shopping a call.

Cover your nose, mouth when you sneeze,
So aerosol containing virus must not spread a disease.

Make Alcohol based sanitizers as your best friend,
If you want to defeat the corona and bring it to end.

Human race must be with mask ,
Because saving oneself is the only task.

Wash your hands with soap,
Then only this virus will elope .

Whether corona is asymptomatic or symptomatic,
Social distancing must be followed to make this zoonotic disease static.

Be it cold ,fever, breathing problem or covid toes,
Our Catchphrase should be to fade away the prevalent woes.

Children , adults ,and elders must awaken their moral duty,
And join hands to fight against the sinister spooky.

All in home quarantine or quarantine centre,
Must get well soon and be other’s mentor.

Human must realize, we are not master but a minuscule,
Prevention from Covid-19 should be the only rule.

People of all religion, gender and community,
Must adopt Ayurveda and yoga to boost their immunity.

Don’t be a silent stalker,
Extend your hands to help the poor and furloughed worker.

Government is taking every measure to overcome economic defilation,
We, stewards should also bred confinement, spiritual quest and isolation.

Quarantine, isolation and social distancing are forms of mitigation,
For corona whose spread is exponential.

Don’t be hopeless and sad,
Take precautions, nothing would be bad .

Lets hope and pray,
Soon ,corona will go away.

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