war and emotions

This life is a game were you and me are same
But, we can't play along
And this story of a man ,who played a again
But he never knew were to start or end

Listen up my friend in this time it’s a blend
Were I can't stop or turn around
We'll have to fight it together no matter what forever
Just play along the pace
The foes at the end I have to vie from this end
We'll never no who will stay or quit
The emotions of the war is a thing that I fear
always holding me back

But I can't say NO to the eyes who stare at me
I have a lady in my home with whom I have shared my life
and she has my daughter who was born yesterday dawn
I wish I could see them again

This place we kill, we survive, we will
we even lose our own soul
the maims we suffer , when the combat gets rougher
every time I fire , there's a lighting struck on my hair
and seeing my trooper some fire while others retire
I have no choice but to forge ahead

the grey cloud blanket above with a destroyed land below
we see a white flag and our hearts pounding afresh
There's a relief in our mind , everyone sigh
we head back , like a flock of birds set free
some lost their organs, while others wounded hard
and some others not even alive

we thank to lord each time we survive
but our emotions crumbled to in vain
that's what it's like to be

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