War and Love

A Poem by Ivan Velasquez

Love will always be there
Love will always be in my heart
Love is something I must take away from war
Will I fall in love again?
There is no knowing about that.

It is just the destiny
Just like a meteorite within the stars
Best things in life come when you never expect
This is something
I must never, ever forget.

As maybe one day, all my loneliness and desires will fade
I wonder if before the day I’m going to die
I will find that decent woman,
Who will rise my children in the day
And love me in the night.

I always go for difficult things
You never forget someone who you were once in love with
Such as you never forget holding that rifle
On that wide battlefield.

War and Love, are the ones who
Have captive my soul
After coming from that dangerous place
Before sleeping I know that she, again, will
Appear within my head.

Maybe distance can be wide
Maybe I can be on the frontline
But something is sure, I will always
Remember such eyes, I will always
Remember such fulfilling smile.

War and Love, it is never good enough
If I die in the battlefield, I want a beautiful angel
To pick up and heal my wounded soul.

War and Love, so much fighting, so much suffering
They will eventually going to hurt
But at the end
The happiness and glory is only for us.
War and Love, it is about suffering
It is about struggling, it is about giving
Everything to each other so happiness and glory
Can fulfill our souls.

Without war, there would be no further
Desires of love
Without love, there would be no incentive
Of going to war.

Love is the most beautiful thing
War is the most horror full one
They both will pull out your tears
They both will make you feel very tired
They both will set your soul on a passionate fire.

After it happens, things will forever change
Your past beliefs just fade
So you don’t longer think the same
I always wanted indescribable feelings
I always wanted to be, where no one has ever been.

As for myself, there is no point of being alive
If you will never do something that could take your life
I just want to feel the beauty, of such place, of such moment
Of such night beneath the stars.

Maybe I can pass away young
In some kind of future war, but I still have
No regrets, cuz at least, I found adventure
And discovered the true meaning of love.

Sometimes I just want to relieve the pain
But without War and Love, everything
At the end will be the same.

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Sometimes, war is not physical...but within