War for peace

Chaos filled the entire nation;
Every channel was flooded with this information,
A war for the country was at the verge,
'Serve the country' was every soldier's urge.
It was all going to lead to a loss of brave lives,
and to the sufferings of children and wives.
But if the world could stop and deeply wonder,
why man has to envy, kill or plunder?
It's all due to hatred and filth in the mind,
which destroys love and renders men blind.
Money for war, Oh what is the need?
when there are millions we haven't got money to feed.
Oh why doesn't the world try to understand?
peace is for love and not hatred; I reprimand!
What does man get by showing down another?
Why can't we for once treat him as our brother?
War is needed; not the way we perform.
War for internal peace is what will lead to reform.
If people let go of their hatred, envy and ego,
wars will turn into past; happened centuries ago.
Give yourself a moment O men, and really think.
can't you leave the mind filth,
and stop the war at brink?

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