War for Peace

Old men lied that peace can be found
Between cracks in Jericho's fallen wall
Human ears haven't heard it in the sound
Of the innocent children's beating hearts
Beholding daddy's head tossed to the ground!
Everything we own can no longer be ours
Not even the laws by which we are bound
Why kill for life, why war for peace?

We made our beds of grave failure
But do we really have to lie in it?
Should we keep fighting their war
For the rights owned maybe by dead soldiers
Who weren't too sure what they died for?
You curse pretty ladies to widowhood
Fragile babes to orphans; how many more
Should suffer a fate sworn by war?

Peace! Peace!! You will proclaim
A gun in hand, helmets on heads
Bullets in heart, God takes your blame
Bereaved countries raise flags of honour
Forgotten the minute history pens your name
Gray heads declare war yet boys take bullets
Fall and die in their quest for mere fame
Peace is far more than the absence of war!

You wouldn't take sand to the beach, so why
Keep fighting to divide a country's map?
No war story is ever true, even if it makes cry
Truth lives in the mouths of breathless soldiers
In the pens of thinking poets who never will die
In cunning minds of commanders who hid in caves
War for peace is an endless endeavour for a sigh
The strength of a warrior lies in his inner peace!

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This Poems Story

This poem was written in sad thoughts about the ongoing struggle between Biafra (a proposed country of the Igbos) and Nigeria (an African country) to separate the country into two.