War Of The Roses

By Alexis   

What do you do when love isn't enough?
Do you fight or run away when the going gets tough?
Do you pray, pray harder or walk away farther?
Do you submit and bow low or continue to hold the hand of your own shadow?
What do you do when the effort put forward is overshadowed.. by..
Something that had no importance over the person you love so?
Do you continue to fight each other like the War of the Roses?
Commitment isn't suppose to feel like this...
Verbally throwing shots at each other like we are fighting with daggers and fists.
What happened to the love...
The time spent, the love made, the tingly feelings when we kiss..
The laughs we shared together to finishing each others sentences.
Why did that no longer matter when it came to talking about the latter?
We were stronger together than... the physical things that don't matter.
Because we were connected. Intertwined with our mind, body and soul. No one else mattered..
At least... in my mind.
I remember a time where nothing or Noone could poison what we got.
When we stepped out in your town, we looked like Michelle and Barack.
Nicely dressed, presentable, respectful and such.
I loved being in your presence oh so much...
What we do when words are not enough?
When the words penetrate our beings like knives.. So much for when the going gets tough.
Despite what anyone thinks, I'm a woman first.
I know how I feel and I know my worth.
Omg.. sometime I hate love because when it isn't enough, it hurts so much worse.
I did. I tried. I conquered all myths about this love thing.
And if I could, I wouldn't take back anything!
I want to say i apologize for my part in making you feel like you didn't mean a thing,
When in all actuality, you were my everything..
I want to say thank you for everything you done, I would replace things with nothing else or no one.
I pray for a friendship until the end of time and who knows... maybe on God's time, one day we will re-intertwine.
Time is of the essence now and that's all I need.
To mend, heal, patch and grow... and develop into the woman that God has destined me to be.
Just know, I've always loved you. Wholeheartedly..

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