War or Peace

The blue sky, was now a shade darker
With patches of black spreading slowly
A glint of blazing stream of light
An echo of monstrous thunder
An act of rage burning, an army of water gathered throughout the spread.
From a crack of my opaque glass, I saw
The rumbling sky crumbling and splunging in heaps of dark
And vanished light on the Earth
The collision and friction high up
Spattered on earth
A rain drop
A rejuvenating drop of life falls on the thirsty sands.
Meeting it's acquaintances in the gurgling stream of cascading water waiting to be painted red

A split there a split here, a second of dazzling lightning painting the obscure clear
The war of air and water replinsh life
I look down as I sharpen my spear
What glory gives the striking blades of hatred and fury
Call me a coward, I will be yours truly.

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