War… The ginger queen rises

Today i woke up, and realized with a start,
It was all in my head, and not in my heart.

Now that i see, i no longer will fight,
i will start making my own rules, instead of leading this half life.

But please don't mistake, the message that I'm sending.
I'm not giving up, just fixing the ending.

First thing is first, I am THE Queen,
bow before greatness, join my team.

Don't play the fool, of this i must beg you,
I value you greatly and wouldn't wanna END you.

All that is ask is please dont be fake,
Because i will destroy you and your mask i will take.

Not making it out alive is just superstition.
Watch as i regin, and switch my position.

Bow before greatness, do what your told.
Give me your loyalty, this game's getting old.

Show me respect, i run this shit,
Or a life sentance is what you will get.

I don't like to ask, so you should always offer.
give me gifts and a puppy, or ill tell my father.

When i was lost, your lies tore me down.
If you have ever said "I love you" to me your now bound.

All of this time i've spent all alone,
feeling abandoned , just searching for home.

I am amazing, dont try to deny,.
or cursed back to the begining for another try.

All will love me and i shall be adored.
If you do not you shall fight with the sword.

Tell me the truth, and dont you dare lie,
Because I"ll cut you off while watching you cry.

Tell me your dreams, i want you to show me your spirit,
say aloud what you want, so i can be sure to hear it.

Do you prefer darkness or maybe the light,
only you can decide witch one is right.

Let me influance, i'll become your teacher,
just don't piss me off or you wont have a soul either.

They call me a ginger, but thats not my name.
I'm a collector of souls, and this is MY game.

For thoes who are watching, I'm comming for you,
I'll show you just how a real gangsta would do.

Sit back and relax, because your fight is usless.
To try and stop me, might render you toothless.

You took my kids, what a mistake.
now it shall be you that can not wake.

I am the ultimate athority, give me all your loyalty
i told you once already, you are fucking with royality.

This shits not a joke, I give no free passes,
thoes in my circle, will move all the masses.

With an iron wand i shall rule, but just so u know,
I fight with my mind, the wands just for show.

I'm not all who they say, I'm not what you have heard.
I am so much bigger, like from another world.

This game we are playing, I now declare war.
You have awoken your Queen, I'm shook to the core.

Now i shall take MY place on MY throne, for it's been far to long since I've been back home.

My friends turned their backs, and my family deceived me.
Thank you so much, all you did was free me.

I am a legend. And now I remember.
I think it wise, if you just surrender.

WAR. ... TheGingerQueen Rises....

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