War Torn

Long after the blood has dried,
Angry, bitter tears are cried
For a solution within ghostly grasp
Dissipated with burning, mindless wrath.

Annual wildfires are disturbing the peace
With crackling fuel on free range lease,
Like dead open meadows, yellow and dry,
Feeding us bread from wheat fields of lies.

Smoke chokes us, but we scream
To see truth in history whitewashed clean,
For justice in the name of light,
For Jesus' white lily instead of industry's Christ.

A fight for a flag is more than free speech;
It is a podium to stand on what we teach
To our children, whose minds are so broad
We threaten with ignorance's silent claw.

Let us not fail, let us not falter,
For the time is now, our present to alter.
Plant the seed, nurse the forest
Of timely change, our universal chorus.

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