War What Is It For?

War-what is it for?
Death and destruction, bodies cover the ground
all these wars started to bring peace all around?
It's not only the troops whose lives are lost
but innocent people is it worth the cost?
Those that are leading are quick to jump in
but it's not their children whose lives will soon end.
It's easy to send countless men to war
it's easy when the pain of it never knocks on your door.
To those in control I ask, is this greed?
To take more than what's given and more than you need?
I turn on the news a few more have died
I wonder if they thought they fought for a lie?
Blowing up buildings and destroying the land
is a history so sad left here by man,
but history repeats another soon starts
what are we missing is it love in our hearts?
We're so sick of fighting wars that won't end
if it's peace that you want then just be their friend!!
Why is it hard to do what feels right?
Why aren't we moving towards ending the fight?
I challenge you this to all out there
reach out to your neighbor let them know that you care
maybe, this act will soon start to grow
and overtime, love will be easier to show.

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