War Within

War within my aching soul,
conquering little, it will persistently grow.
Consistently fighting a tiring battle,
riding heartache on a soldier's saddle.
No support from the family,
hope and dreams become a tragedy.
No motivation, deserted on my own,
fear of abandonment is easily shown.
Love always absent, Mom never there,
life appears brutally unfair.
The words cut, leaving me scars,
the pain remains, it never tars.
Camouflaged tears, racing thoughts,
my mind's perpetually stranded in knots.
My armor's down, my strength is weak,
But I refuse to surrender, until the highest peak.
No white flag will sway above,
victory will be what I next write of.

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This Poems Story

Years of affliction have worn heavy in my vacant heart as I have battled life engagements alone throughout my preceding years. My mom was endlessly absent, causing my fear of abandonment which has perpetually lingered in my mind. Mom made her prime focus solely on work and my ill brother. In addition, my dad was combating an addiction, causing my childhood to be stolen. Dad lost his identity throughout the attempt to submerge his sincere agony into the soul of a bottle. Thankfully, during my eighth-grade school year, I established my passion for writing. Quickly, I prevailed a fascination with words. I then realized I was equipped to transfer stored thoughts into a new perspective. "War Within" is merely written in the stance of consciously feeling alone in my heartfelt battles.