Warm Hole

I feel like i’m shaking, you know...struggling for balance.
I feel like i’m drowning, faster than I’m afloat.
I feel like i’m in control of everything, but nothing is within my grasp.
I feel like i’m blank, void of any emotion.
I feel like i’m losing it, ends i knotted with my once lofty fists.
I feel like the long Night, you know...in the coldest winter.
I feel sleepy, but i’m scared i might never wake.
I feel like i have failed, a rosy tale now so foggy.
I feel like i transcended, i can’t seem to find my way back.
I feel like the Bermuda, except this time... i’m shutting everything out.
I feel my pen slipping, the only Spear i once held so dear.
The truth is, i don’t know,
I don’t know how i feel,
I feel nothing at all.

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