Warm Up Our Soul’s

I sleep only on one side of my bed
Waiting for you to fill the other side
My sweetheart
May we dream together
May we live forever
This bed filled of blankets & pillows
Years of sleep
Years of tossing & turning & dreaming
Dreams of boats that float
Nightmares that keep us awake
Our feet are cold
So we get them warm by tangling them together
Soft blankets warm up our souls
Fluffy pillows make us see movies in our heads
All in this bed
We warm each other up
We make this bed in the morning
Do this all over again
Each breath at night is an adventure in our lungs
Or a scream or a shake that wakes us up
May we dream
May we dream
With us both swimming in an ocean of blankets
Our heads sinking in fluffy pillows
With a roof above us
The stars gazing down at us together
The world is silent
Laying - We sleep so still
Our adventurous minds at work
No more sleeping pills
Oxygen is all we need
To dream
Some are to real
Some are make believe
To blast off into space
Or to aboard this ship
Or this sad story
Tears running down your face
Quiet morning
Birds start to chirp
The sun bounces off our blinds
Into our bedroom
Waking up to you
Together in this bed
Our minds awake
Gazing into your eyes
I can't believe you go to sleep with me in this bed
Waiting for our nightly adventure to start
By my side
My loving wife
Go to sleep
On this cold October night

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