Warped Wire and Stone

Dust and sand stretch far, far away
Ruthless heat and cold for miles of decay
The lingering scent of rotted copper
Maybe this time, I will fix it

Sturdy feet of stone losing speed
Still, these wired limbs refuse to concede
Trailing through the omniscient dunes
The steps of the golem, the fake human - these are my steps

Nerves and solar rays, give me strength
The rubble beneath me, becoming buildings at length
The mark of a small town, I must have found
A hole inside shrinks - perhaps for good, I hope

The rapt townsfolk ask, "Where are you headed, young one?"
Wherever I may be helpful, I must reply
"You seem worn out, why don't you come inside?"
Is this courtesy, like my master adored, or sincerity?

No, no; these are the words I crave, warm and sweet
Repeated in my memory, let me replete
The error fades so affection can take its place
Will you adore me now? I am cured at long last!

Months pass - I learn the names, the streets, the beloved faces
What fables they tell, the way they call me and smile at me
My silhouette, carved from stone and wire, is...
Foreign. Anomalous. Once and always - flawed

I see the way they laugh with ease
I see how they embrace each other more closely than me
I know that I am too weak to benefit them
I know I will never be one of them

This is the familiar error, burdensome like a chain
My master's gossip echoes faintly, dripping with disdain
I failed to purge it - what I alone am cursed with
This virus of invasive cold and haunting emptiness

This place was not safe - I must try again
I must, I must, I must

So, my friends, I must leave briefly, I say
Take care, do not be led astray
Though I assured the last town the same way
But I must resist becoming obsolete

Just one more try, and my senses will never again sway
One more chance, and I learn how to become complete

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Key Words : journey, struggle, struggles, introspective, fiction, fantasy, lonely, sad, solemn

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This Poems Story

The desert is a lonely place, and its travelers are no different - particularly a sentient golem who wanders from town to town, seeking to fix something.