My past is part of who I am but it doesn’t define me.

I will take all of my past experiences and see the lesson in each one so that I don’t have to be taught the lesson again.

Sometimes I wasn’t to blame and sometimes I was, it doesn’t matter now because I don’t live there anymore.

I will take what I’ve learned and apply it to my present. I will be prepared for all of the other things I still have yet to learn in this lifetime

To the past lovers or friends who thought you broke me just know this

I can’t be broken, you put a few battle scars on my heart and sometimes my body but I am still here and I am still fighting.

You do have a place in my mind but I take a deep breath and realize that it’s over and take pride in the fact I was brave and smart enough to walk away. I am safe now and there is no room in my heart for hatred.

I won’t let your unkindness make me unkind. I am a warrior, I welcome the next lesson and I will always find strength within the pain.

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