Walking down the city streets, minding no business other than that of her own.
A voice she does not recognize had the audacity to call her a word that should never have to fill a woman’s ear.
At first, she was oblivious that this word was being thrown at her but once she was mindful of what had been said, this word had pummeled her in the chest fracturing all 24 of her ribs.
Mama had always said to never to let people tattoo a label to your forehead,
But living in a generation where anything can be said in discreet behind lettered keys in a completely different region of a cruel world does not make this process elementary.
Growing up was a struggle for her as demons inhabited her mind and emitted self-hatred through every mirror reflection.
She was finally beginning to recognize the beauty the Lord had given her that her 20/20 vision could not discern for all of her life.
This four-letter word had enough power to strip this feeling away from her and cause her to second-guess the way she was presenting herself and her prior nights spent with strangers wrapped in stained-white sheets in order to pay the rent of her apartment that was falling apart more than she was.
Society taught her as a little girl that her only aspirations in life should be to please a man and be on the cover of Playboy.
But a woman is more than just her body.
Fire fills her courageous soul because a vagina is not equal to vulnerability.
A few extra inches of skin being revealed is not misconduct or an invitation to rape.
It is not an implication of what she does with her body after dark.
She could never fathom as to why the freedom to make choices for herself with the body that she dresses every morning, feeds three times a day and lives with daily led to disparaging remarks from the imprudent.
Telling a woman how to dress herself or what to do with her body is like telling someone the correct way of how to clean their kitchen.
Once this realization had sunk in her mind, she looked up to the sky with a grin.
She was no longer afraid of what the world would have her face because nothing could scare her anymore.
The reasoning behind that is simply because she is a woman,
and to be a woman is to be a warrior.

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