Wars Guilt

Time ticks by,deaths wishes sorrow,
A step closer to not making it tomorrow,
The church bells ring,
A time of sadness that death will bring,
March onwards, brave soldiers, keep your head held high,
The time of death just ticking by,
The pain of war, told lies to you,
A step into a mystery with only time that knew,
Days an endless stream of gore,
Wars lies guilty it bore,
They told it would be fine, you'd do your country proud,
And all it got you was a death wish so clear and loud,
You didn't realise how they would treat you,
You didn't realise the lies they told weren't true,
Ashamed that your death was near,
The family you would leave, they loved you dear,
All the soldiers out there listen to me,
What did war bring, is this how you wanted to be,
Innocent lives lost and spared,
Everyone who actually cared,
Men of the war,
A day lost quite sure,
Time ticking away as they die,
Will they end in the blue broad sky,
No one knows how there life will end,
Into battle my brave men,
We will have to see how this war ends....

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