Was I Not A Good Enough Drug?


you put it to your mouth
and i watch
as not only your lungs turn black
but your heart too


you're not old enough
but i don't dare to interrupt.
this is definitely a step up
from the emotional mess you made me
you broke yourself
but now
you're breaking me.


i watch you shrivel up
like a raisin you are.
you are so small
im afraid
if i rubbed my fingers on your arm,
will you begin to crumble away
like those sticks you puff on?


please don't.
you're the type of person
we were warned about
in elementary school.
i call 911
but the sweet
shape of your lips
ask me to stay.


i knew it was gonna come to this.
but not so soon.
the future i saw
has melted away.
was i not a drug?
did you not want to overdose
on my flesh
as i always wanted
to on yours?
was i not enough?
you began to say you did this for escape
what were you trying
to escape from?
was it the pain you've caused
or was it,


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This Poems Story

My family has had a history of drugs. But what if I was at the feet of their lover? What if I grew up as the lovely person who got to experience such a show?