Was it me?

Never have i hurt this much
Is this what heartbreak feels like?
The love of your life says you need to talk
Your heart skips a beat saying lord let it be a joke
You know what is coming you have for a while
No matter what you tell yourself
It can’t be me
you want to fall on your knees and cry
Just yesterday it seemed we were perfect
now today I’m sinking in deeply
My heart aches with want
want for his love not to be over
Want for his lips and warmth
want for us to be together again
What could i have done?
never before has my love been so strong
before it was thrown away
never before has a guy had my true love
Never before have i been in agony
over something inevitable
My love for him will never end
How can i move on when he has my heart?
How do you stay on your feet when your
love has fallen?
he knew my past he wanted me to do better
He pulled me out the dark
He saved me from certain doom
It couldn’t be him but hows it me?
I feel like a tree in a storm
What can i do to stop it?
I am only so strong.
I can only give so much before i break.
i can only take so much pressure before i crack
Maybe he just didn’t know how much he meant to me.
Maybe its not over.
But it is.
Why didn’t i pay attention
i should have known it would happen
He gave so many hints
but why would he wait so long if he thought
about it for weeks?
Why couldn’t he just stab me and get it over with?
why couldn’t he just rip my heart out of my chest?
Why did he have to poke and prod then just
patch it up?
Was it me?
They told me it would never work
They told me we were to different to last
they said age would be a problem
I had to argue
I had to go and try to prove them wrong
I had to get my hopes up
I shouldn’t have checked the date so often
I shouldn’t have gotten so close
I shouldn’t have shown him my weakness
I shouldn’t have shared my secrets
Why couldn’t i keep my Skeletons in my closet?
I guess it was my fault after all
I let him in
I gave him my heart
i ignored all the signs
i ignored all the advise
i told him my past
i opened up my closet
I guess it was me

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