Was It Truly Worth It?

I look out across the field
Where countless men gave their lives
And scars had once been healed,
Was it truly worth it, I ponder with a sigh.
My men who chose to fight
And, in fighting, chose to win
And give up all their rights
To hear her heart beat again.
Faces pressed in around us,
Like a thousand ships,
Full of hatred and vengeance,
Blood dripping from their lips.
Sending men to hell's fiery pit,
Only God's grace tells us why.
Was it really worth it?
I don't truly know, say I

Fighting against our brothers
To go from darkness to light,
Crowning all we had to suffer
In a million stars and stripes,
The sun sets upon this land.
Scooping up a mound of dirt,
I sift it in my hand,
An earth stained by whom it birthed
It took not one year but four
To fight for our pride,
To win that Civil War,
And rightly take our prize
Withstanding life's grime and grit,
Only one hope tells us how.
Was it truly worth it?
It was then, and it is now.

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