Was It?

Was it the stars in the sky?
Or how the moon was algined?
Or was it just simply that it felt right?
Was it a trick on my mind?
Or my loss of insight?
Or was it just simply what dwells inside?
Was it that our souls interwined? Or was it love at first sight?
Or was it just simply a beautiful lie?
Was it the past that I'd hide?
Or the future gone by?
Or was it just simply hitting rewind?
Was it the monster outside?
Or the monster inside?
Or was it just simply a demon of mine?
Was it really all just a dream?
Or was it a product of reality?
Or was it simply that nothing's what it seems?

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This Poems Story

Writing is inspired through success and tragedy, love, hope, torture, and threats. All these things which I've experienced influence my writing. I graduated at sixteen and also got emancipated. Through those processes, I thought I lost all will for life, no hope. But in the events that happened to me, horrible things no teen could imagine, I found beauty. Poetically, I pursued, and I hope to inspire young people to never give up because when life has gone as low as possible, it's only up from there.