Was Your Joke Worth It?

The harshness of her words shoot you down
With all your might you grab onto hope,
But the smidget of hope is covered in thorns
You plummet to your doom,
Wondering what you ever did to deserve this
Suddenly you stop falling,
Her hand goes to pick you up
She screams something horrifying at you,
Then her hands swiftly push you back
You're stabbed in the back,
A spear has gone through your soul
The lifeless body of you she sees,
Is just a fleck of dust on her burden
Flicking you off,
She walks away
As the light leaves your eyes,
One last breath emits something,
A thing that now strangles her thoughts,
Was your joke worth it?

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This Poems Story

Writing has always been a way of expressing myself since I was little. I used poetry as a coping skill when things got rough. I wouldn't have gotten published into anthologies if my friends and family didn't motivate me. I thank them for that. It's a great accomplishment to be twelve and be a published poet.