Wasn’t it Lovely ?

Those days when laughter turned to tears
And gossip traveled through each of our ears
Those blissful breaks
Ohh! What beautiful days

Sharing our lunch boxes
And then in each class tolerating those uncanny human foxes
Annoying all the teachers
And then at the art class creating those horrible creatures

Those jaunty breaks
And the fake headaches
Those fearful yet overwhelming bunks
And attending lectures in chucks

The gossip sessions of every group
Walking through the corridor in troops
The fight for every single mark
Striving for the teacher’s good remarks

Morning assemblies were full of tantrums
But Principal ma’am‘s name was enough to get us to work
The teacher’s rebuking was full of sarcasm
Then in the amphitheater, she made us do the national anthem

Backbenchers where the heart of every class
Their jokes lit up every single hour
PTM was something no one waited for
“Pitwayegi Teacher Mummy se” it was known for

Wasn't it lovely spending 6 hours of our day with our extended family?
Wasn’t it lovely being surrounded with laughter?
Wasn’t it lovely hearing the period bell after every boring class?
Wasn’t it lovely spending so many years of your life with the same people?

We wanted to grow up
We cribbed about the excessive homework
Early in the morning none of us wanted to wake up

Our teachers were like our parents who treated us like their own
Indeed after all this, our school was our second home

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