Wasted Days

Another day just wasted away
It comes as no surprise
to hear me say that I'll change my ways
thats me feeding myself lies

In disbelief, am I insane
to think of saving face?
with no retreat, here comes the pain
right as i fall from grace

I've learned that there's nothing a man can say
if he's thrown away his entire life!
And he did all that in just one day
when it took GOD seven just to make it right!!

Its like a single mom shedding her tears
from her loneliness every day and night
While her only son can only fear
that he'll never know how to be a man in life!!

A vicious cycle that will come and go
binding us down until the day we die
Its until we feel our true remorse...
that we are stuck here forever just to live and die!!

Derrel Laird

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This Poems Story

Its something that I have been doing since i can remember is to basically write what i am feeling down or questions that i might have that need answering. This one in particular was one where I was basically stuck in a bind with a broke down car and couldnt accomplish anything. At the end of one day i was soo frustrated that I had to write it down and that is what I was talking about to myself mentally. Still didnt find that answer.