Wasted In The Flesh

My unclean flesh in is a good position through loose ends expressed. It is now by the channel of my mind broken puked sentences the best that are defined. Time is not on my side don't need hugs. I want a life a light shown his alone stay rotten me. Just don't ask why free flying up behind from the light above to see risen.

Nothing what was when was only leading to know the eternal end this again. The darkness of the underworld happens that in the world.
The self-pleasure it is no help as I not feel anything the afterwards to self. The safe haven yes I can keep participating without failing.

I am now waiting for something new a touch for my soul in roast to be out about flying as the crow.
This thing so call romantic love does exist to him. I must let go let's hope not against I will not stand. But do towards the addiction of thrill seeking.

Now it is meaning the time now ending not to begin with it me a death wishing. Distant the days without women is good enough for a reason. It is too long because I killed romance.
I brand the head in the sand often nowhere to turn too them no only her.

I will burn with her Kcallia my forever creation desired straight up the best. I have no one to turn to but her. After the expensive loan while is strife. I am a black knight as to protect my own.

I seek to die in my cry judge boo who to the tip of my knife. Still not wanting to live my life I try to eat this pie. To decide on my quest that I remain slayed focused at rest to sleep away stress.

The best clinical profusion complex will bet when I pay less attention to anything or anyone next the battle has just begun under the sun.

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This Poems Story

It is the notion of coming to terms with ones own sinful doing.