Watch your steps

I've been in their lives as long as I can remember,no matter what I do,i'll never be their center.
Love wasn't enough,I can see that now,they'd rather live differently and I don't know why.
I step back in shock at all their reactions,and pray for better when it comes to their actions.
I love them with my everything,I thought they knew,but outsides influences didn't let it get through.
Their young little minds all scattered in places,seeking mommy and daddy and no other faces.
We were a great family,I never thought it would end.
But once again all hell begins.
Their actions and their moods,keeps my heart guarded,so I pray to the Lord I'm not being outsmarted.
I give my love and get nothing in return,but how many times do I wana get burned?
Someday perhaps they'll get the lesson,but until then I'll keep delivering my message.
Giving them all my love and expecting nothing back,but deep in my heart my step kids are whack.
To settle for less when there's so much to get,and right about now I'm completely tired of their shit.
Too young to go and unable to make it,God give me strength so I can continue to take this.
My family needs prayers to walk this distance,it's seems so rocky and filled with consequences.
Decisions of youths,without clear thoughts,could damage your relation,if you don't watch out.
So hold on to love and try to stay prayerful,give your all and don't get too doubtful.
Someday they'll know what they meant to you and by that time,maybe I'll care too.
As for right now I'm giving it to God,we've done all we can,never spared the rod.
So Lord intervene and give us some peace,and I pray that this chaos will finally cease.

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