Watching from the Garret

You're watching from this garret,
Why don't you go inside?
'Cause I'm not ready to leave this garret.
I was told I still have more time.
They're waiting for you inside,
You're being too stubborn to see,
I tell you my dear it is not stubbornness,
My call just hasn't come from thee.
When it is time for me to go inside, rest assured I'll let you know.
When the trumpets sound and His voice commands surely I will go.
So what about our family?
Who will then sit and watch your seed?
Trust that I have left them before kindred eyes,
A queen, a reflection of this king.
And she will stay and look over you,
As I choose to watch from inside.
And my kids will assist her in doing the work,
That I so desperately tried.
So who will watch us when she goes inside?
Or will we then be alone?
I told you we will always be with you,
Just watching from a different home.
Well when do we leave the garret?
We want to be at home too.
Trust me that when it is time,
We will both come back to welcome you!

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This Poems Story

"Watching from the Garret" is a description of the lives of both my maternal grandparents, primarily my grandmother. My grandmother, Anne Margaret Young, was the backbone of this family. She assured our entire family that she would live by the strength of God until every last one of her children were home and together under one roof "state." She did just that before going on to be with the Lord demonstrating a faithfulness to daily prayer for her family, providing and leaving behind a lifelong legacy as to how to remain watchful and strong as a family unit. I am confident that just as she watched over us then in the natural, the imprint she left still watches over us in the spiritual.